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The APEXX Surcharge Inspector is the first tool of it’s kind. It allows merchants to inspect every processed transaction for applicable surcharge on an individual basis and to charge the maximum applicable amount in real time. This tool puts an end to merchants losing out on surchargeable cost on corporate and non-EU cards, which can amount to many thousands per year, without running the risk of falling foul of the EU regulations


Applying surcharges to consumer card payments has been banned in the UK since January 2018

It is permissible to apply surcharges to corporate and non-EU cards

Applying a fixed rate which runs the risk of either overcharging or leaving money on the table


The APEXX solution offers merchants a real-time dynamic look-up on the allowed surcharge-able amount for any card type on a transaction-by-transaction basis

This allows merchants to prevent overcharging and breaching EU Law, and prevent undercharging and leaving money on the table

The APEXX Surcharge Inspector can typically offer ROI of 20x

Facts about Surcharging in EU

  • It is permissible to apply surcharges to corporate and non-EU cards

  • An increasing amount of merchants with a high corporate card mix are already surcharging these card types

  • The APEXX Surcharge Inspector allows merchants to dynamically charge up to the maximum permissible amount in real-time, ensuring that all of the possible surchargeable cost is recouped on every transaction


Potential upside for merchants on differing rates on the APEXX Surcharging Tool