Global Gateway for fast & secure business

A single integration to APEXX gives you the flexibility to build your perfect global payments system

APEXX makes technical integrations to all the payment suppliers you need, and presents them as a single, comprehensive API. We negotiate rates with acquirers and PSPs on your behalf to achieve the best pricing on every product. We are also a connection hub for additional services for your payments world including AI-driven fraud management, reconciliation tools, direct currency conversion, multi-currency pricing and local payout products.


Quickly grow your business globally

APEXX consolidates global payment providers into a single integration point, optimising the cost of complex payment ecosystems. Expand into new markets quickly and start accepting secure online payments from the moment you integrate.


Single Integration

In a rapidly evolving payments landscape it is essential that your solution is capable of keeping pace with the changing environment.  The APEXX Gateway is specifically designed to be a one stop shop for the full stack of your payments acceptance requirements including settlement reconciliation, fraud reporting, and dispute management. These advanced capabilities are presented as a single API reducing the strain of managing multiple integrations and relationships across your payments suite.


Acquirer Agnostic

One size does not fit all. As a 100% acquirer agnostic business model, APEXX is always able to deliver the best products and services to suit our customers globally with no vested interests. Our complete end-to-end payments solution is modular in design and is able to enhance or completely replace legacy systems at any point in the payments value chain without partner prejudice or preferential treatment for unsuitable providers. APEXX will always provide you with the most suitable solution for for business in your part of the world. 


Dynamic Routing

Conversion, local acceptance, and the right payment methods are key to any business. APEXX optimises your payments flow by routing transactions based on key criteria to any number of acquirers in order to improve sales and reduce costs. Our dynamic routing engine is a switch solution that allows the intelligent routing of transactional traffic to the most beneficial provider. Criteria for a switch include: currency, transaction type, card type, region, time of the day, load-balancing, or the re-routing of a transaction that has failed with one acquirer/issuer.


Fraud Prevention

Effective fraud prevention requires a tool of precision, not a blunt object approach. The APEXX Gateway has in build fraud capabilities that allow merchants to build a tailored fraud suite guided by their own risk appetite as this will vary from industry to industry. The APEXX fraud package contains tools to inspect transactions, predict fraud, and tag or block transactions with pinpoint accuracy. 

  1. Inspectors - add valuable metadata to your transactions via third-party inspection services to improve the accuracy of predictions and the power of rulesets.

  2. Importers - import historical transaction and fraud data generated elsewhere, to identify fraud accurately from the moment of deployment.

  3. Predictions - leverage advanced machine learning technology to predict in advance the likelihood that a given transaction will turn out to be fraudulent, empowering you to tag or block it if desired.

  4. Rulesets - compose logical filters in plain language, using easy-to-understand combinations of rules to specify exactly which types of transactions you wish to tag or block.

  5. Tags - create your own arbitrary tags to classify transactions using rulesets, and filter reports using tags.

  6. Blocking - automatically decline transactions before they occur, and monitor these in reports.



The advent of Alternative Payments Methods has transformed business. New ways to pay are the fastest changing aspects of payments today, and as a merchant it is vital to keep apace with consumer spending patterns across the global to maximise your market success. This is becoming increasingly important in emerging markets and in countries with less scheme penetration. Fall behind in this payments arms race and the consequences could be fatal. APEXX currently hosts an ever expanding suite of over 150 global APMs, so wherever you are doing business we have the right mix of payments methods to help your business grow. 


Organisational Tree

The Organisational Tree within the APEXX Gateway is the hierarchical structure that allows the merchant to recreate the structure of their business within the APEXX interface. This allows the layered creation of sub-organisations to reflect an entity within the merchant business structure, i.e. a branch, different geographical market, or different currency market. Each new branch of the Organisational Tree has its own access controls which are fully flexible from user to user to give merchants the most flexible set-up possible.