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 "Our vision is to be the payment industry's most merchant centric provider. Through our platform a merchant can connect via a simple API connection to the world's payment ecosystem, increasing conversion at lower cost and satisfying their entire payments needs." 

In 2015 the APEXX founders had an epiphany. Our wide experience of the payments industry had revealed that the merchant  community was being overcharged and under-serviced, encumbered with legacy technology systems, and the market was suffering from an innovation deficit. As a result we decided to build a one stop shop for all merchant payment needs with complete provider agnosticism to always deliver the best result for the merchant.

2016 saw our vision begin to take shape as APEXX began an intensive tech build that would lay the foundation for the groundbreaking APEXX Gateway product that exists today. During this period we started to pull together the extensive partnership list that now gives us global acquiring services with partners all over the globe, as well as over 200 local APM integrations, and unrivalled access to additional providers of fraud, DCC, and much more besides.

In 2017 APEXX entered the marketplace to a fanfare of industry acclaim, scooping several innovation awards across the payments industry as the marketplace recognised the disruptive intent and capabilities of the APEXX platform. We are always looking ahead and 2018 has already seen more growth at APEXX and we are excited to bring more innovative products to market in the coming 12 months. Others set the standard, we set it higher.

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